Are You Happy? – Really Happy?

How is life for you right now? If you are happy, I am happy for you. If not, you are okay and you are not alone. That’s normal and that’s the reality of life. We all experience the ups and downs of life. It’s just how we deal with each one of our experiences is what makes a difference. We manage and cope with different situations differently, depending on our moods and our strength at that time. The key to the whole thing is learning how to take control in the way we deal with each and every situation.

To manage our coping mechanism well all the time, we require conscious awareness of ourselves, our environment and our ability to deal with each situation. Again…, just like anything in life, whilst it is easy to say and make a suggestion, the reality of doing it is a different story, because our unconscious mind does not always know what we want unless we train it to wipe the unwanted and plant the wanted. The reason why it happens is because our unconscious mind is often vested with things that we were conditioned to believe and they are often the unwanted, such as fear or disappointment.

Now let’s look at a few things when you are happy? Is it when you look good, vibrant and young? Is it when you feel motivated and energetic? Is it when you eat your favourite food or drink your favourite beverage? Is it when you wear your favourite clothes, shoes, hat, jewellery, etc? Is it when you see your favourite people? Is it when you shop? Is it when you are on a holiday? Is it when you serve and help others? Is it when you are free from hassle? Is it when you know you are healthy? Is it when you know your family members are happy and healthy? Is it when you love and are loved? Is it when you are financially independent? OR Is it when you have all of them? Is it possible to have them all?

Well…different people are happy because of different reasons. Some are happy most of the time, even when they have very little and live a simple life, while others are never happy, no matter how much they have.

Personally, I am usually happy when I have enough self esteem, confidence and assertiveness in what I do. I am happy when I am relaxed, well rested, motivated and energetic. Because I like to be confident in the subject matter that I am involved in, this is probably why I like learning. I have been gradually learning how to develop and strengthen my inner happiness where the sparkle comes from within, feeling happy and confident in my own skin, knowing that I can stand on my own two feet to live comfortably and happily, without having to rely on others, while at the same time, am able to respect, appreciate and cherish the existence and the support of others. I think this is also why I like to work hard to achieve results for comfort and independence.

It was not easy for me to fully understand and achieve inner happiness. Even if part of it was in me, I was not aware of it until I fully felt it. I used to hear people saying “find your inner happiness” and used to read about it but didn’t quite get it until I achieved it myself, although I continue having to put a lot of effort in maintaining it. This is because external influences can easily disturb anyone’s strength and/or internal happiness. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t feel it all the time. However, as long as I feel it most of the time, then I have achieved it.

Happiness is a feeling, so, no one can really achieve it through reading, listening or talking about it alone. One must learn and master layers of factors first, such as self awareness including their own potential, self confidence, self respect, self control and a whole range of communication skills, as well as understanding others, their environment, behaviours and other external factors. We can learn and master these things through various methods and techniques. Once a person masters these things, the person can gradually control every situation where nothing can bother them, rather, they can focus on the positive side of every situation and move on with a smile on their face. the way extra money and good career help as well and once you have achieved your strong interpersonal skills, you can then find the right career and earn good money. Money always help improve many other material and physical factors providing you manage your behaviour and your money well.

It is not easy to begin with. It is in fact very challenging to do and you must be fully aware and engaged at all times with everything around you, and then deal with each situation gracefully with full control if/when you are required to deal with them. Sometimes you may have to avoid a situation if you can. You must be tuned in at all times and it will become easier each day to a point it will become natural or subconscious. That’s when you know you have achieved the incredible feeling of inner happiness. Once you achieve it, it does not mean it will stay with you forever if you are not careful and if you don’t maintain it. It depends on how you place yourself in society. Beware, you need to remain in control. Stay away from negativity whenever possible and stick around people and environment that can help you maintain your happiness. It’s amazing how your mind works when it comes to external influences. Most people can easily be lead to situations you don’t want to be in if you are not careful.

When I say avoid negativity, it does not mean not facing unavoidable and unfortunate or unpleasant situation that you must face as part of life. It just means that you do not intentionally get involved in bad behaviours or with people with bad behaviours. For example: gossiping or judging others; demonstrating jealousy, anger or intimidation; whining and complaining without doing anything to change or fix the problem. Avoid these things and start establishing a better path for yourself.

Let me know if I can help you in anyway. In fact, I can send you free reports how to improve your self awareness, self confidence, etc. as listed above.

All you have to do is dropping me a quick email to: and ask me how I can help you.

For now, cheers & take care. 🙂



My Law of Attraction

Over the years, we’ve all gone through our own tapestry of life, experiencing different patterns and colours of various activities. Some are good and some are not so good but that’s life and we all know it. Different people experience different circumstances and we all manage them differently. Our cultural background, environment, upbringing, education and circumstances influence what we do and how we deal with everything that we go through. My version of the stories would be unique to me and yours are unique to you but hopefully we can share and learn from each other.

Significant Life Experiences that made me wonder why and how they even happened.

I have experienced and learnt a few significant life lessons that have made significant changes in my life. I wish to share a few of them with you with my hope that they are useful to you too, although, unless one experiences something themselves, one can never exactly know how it feels and how it affects them but here are some of my experiences.

I grew up in Indonesia in a stable family environment with a very good family background and upbringing. We had very strict values where my parents set upon me. The only thing my parents never stopped me do was learning, which was the most valuable part of life activity I had then and still do now. I feel grateful that I’ve always been able to learn something new, with full responsibilities in also doing what I need to do happily as a good contributor and citizen.

Without consciously knowing it I had bigger things in mind than I even realised. I didn’t even know what they were, I just used to always love learning new things and achieve more each day, for no particular reason, it’s almost just part of why and how I breath.

Well…, I did extremelly well at school and wanted to study architecture at the Institute of Technology Bandung but that never happened. I did office management, secretarial and languages instead. I did have a conscious decision making, telling myself that these skillsets would give me a job sooner and are flexible being able to travel with them using those skills anywhere in the world immediately. It’s a strange train of thought, even though I had no particular conscious plans to go and or live outside Indonesia but for some reason I migrated to Australia in early 1984 after getting married to an English-Australian man in 1984.

Without realising at the time those things happened, after I looked back much later in life, I noticed that so many things if not everything happened to me as results of my own thoughts at some point in my life prior to the events happening. I trully believe in that, as I have had so many incidences that have become too many to be called coincidence

For instance, my decision to take up office management skills with reasons to be able to have flexible skillsets anywhere in the world was formed when I first met international exchanged students whom gave me inspiration to see other parts of the world and to meet different people from other parts of the world. It was an unconscious thought and it was a thought, a wish and a dream without knowing how I would ever be able to achieve it.

Another obvious event is about the age when I got married. When I was 17 or 18 I picked up my cousin’s magazine. In it, there was an article, which I can’t remember what the title of the article was but I read it and amongst many things, I remember reading that the ideal age to be married was the age of 25 and the ideal age to have your first child is the age of 26. I can’t remember any other details of the article. Who knows where that came from and why but I must have agreed with the idea and thought it was a good thing and wished for it to happened to me. That’s my theor anyway, cos, guess what..?

After experiencing having a few boyfriends in my late teens and early 20s with nothing serious happening, by the time I turned 25 years of age, when I met my now husband of 32 years, I started taking things more seriously. As soon as he showed his serious intent for a long term relationship and asked if I would marry him, I was able to make a good decision. The fact that I really liked him and after I learnt that he was genuine, kind, caring and loving, I felt confident that he was the one and I said ‘yes’. So we got married only after knowing each other for 3-4 months. For some reason I felt as if I had known him for years. We both felt comfortable with each other and enjoyed each other’s company, feeling secure and happy. So why would you waste anymore time?

Anyway, I got married at the age of 25 to a kind, honest, caring and loving man of 26. We’ve been married for almost 32 years with 2 beautiful children and 2 beautiful grand children. And guess what? I had my first child at the age of 26 and our first daughter also had her first child at the age of 26. So I guess, it happened, because one day when I was 18 or so, I must have subconsciously thought that it was what I wanted to happen to me in my life and the universe delivered. I believe that this is because my subconscious mind worked toward attracting what I wanted.

I actually lost count as to how many things so far in my life where those sorts of things have happened, whether it’s my jobs I have had, parking spots, material things like the type of cars we’ve had, the type of friends I attrack and many more. This is the reason why I believe in the law of attraction and I am keen to keep training my mind to think about what I want, rather than stressing about what I don’t want. It’s easy said than done, not as simple as it sounds actually. This is because our subconscious mind has it’s own agenda, depending on our upbringing, environment and habits.

We need to train our mind to attract what we want.  One of the techniques is undertaking hypnotherapy sessions, allowing your subconscious mind to listen to powerful guidance, using advanced neuro linguistic programning. Other things you can do is surrounding yourself with highly motivated and positive people and focus on good habits.

Why don’t you look back on the things you have achieved and see if you remember if one day in your past, you had actually wanted them badly, so your mind and body just worked toward achieving them. You will probably find many things. For that reason, why don’t we program our subconscious mind to attract all the things we want and avoid things we don’t want. Let’s start and see what happens.

If you need assistance to do it, let me know, as I can give you a few techniques you can use.

Happy Life is when you achieve what you want and now you know how to program it.





Welcome 2016

Today is the first day of 2016 and my day was filled with so…much love already. I hope yours was the same.

I do believe that love comes from within. If you give love, feel good about yourself and appreaciate everything you see, hear, eat, drink and receive, you will feel loved.

On this first day of the new year, the weather was a little cooler when I woke up this morning comparing to the rest of the week. I had a good sleep last night and woke up feeling fresh. My husband asked if I wanted to go for a walk while it was still cool. The temperature was around 22 degree celcius comparing to the high 30s as it has been all week.

We love going for a walk together whenever we can as we live near the ocean and the river mouth, so walking in the area is quite relaxing. We usually chat about nice things like our next holiday plan, family activities, what we should do with our garden/house or just talking about nothing sometimes. Just having a chat while walking by the beach looking at the calm blue water is what we enjoy.

We walked from our home to the jetty near by and around the little town where we live. It was about 8 AM but there were already a lot of people at the beach and at the local cafes having breakfast, so we stopped at one of the cafes for a cup of coffee as well, just to absorb the peaceful atmosphere while we continued chatting. We had a really good start of the day for sure.

As the weather was so nice, we thought it would be good to bring our grand children to the beach. So we walked back home, made and ate cooked breakfast and went back to the beach with our daughter and grand children aged 4.5 and 3. They love going to the beach and it is such a blessing seeing them play with so…much joy. We stayed down at the beach for a couple of hours and it was just the right time for lunch after that. Our grand daughter came up with fish and chips for lunch and of course my husband (their poh poh) quickly agreed. So that’s what we had. We called our local fish and chip shop, picked them up and took them home to eat in our garden with some home made salad. It was a nice lunch.

About two hours later, we decided to go for a drive with the children to give their mum a little break. We drove a long the esplanade about 45 minutes south from home. The children had a nap in the car which was a good thing so they could play happily without being tired and grumpy. We had another good walk, took them to a play ground and had ice cream after. We had fun while their mum rested at home.

When we got home, it was just the right time for dinner and a family chat at the dining table before bed time for the children. The children were quite happy going to bed by 8 PM even though they didn’t go to sleep straight away as they had a nap during the day.

So there you have it, the first day of the new year was pretty pleasant for us and hope that yours was also just as good.

What I haven’t forgotten is praying for and thinking about people who may not be as fortunate. I hope they are safe and manage to make their day reasonable comfortable.

God Bless Us All.



Thank You 2015

It is now 11:30 PM where I live in South Australia, half an hour to go until midnight of the last day of 2015. I have had a good week, having 17 family members spending Christmas day at our home. That’s only my husband’s side of the family as mine live outside Australia. Christmas day was such a blessed day. My brother in-law and my daughters cooked traditional Christmas lunch and my sister in-law made pastries for afternoon snacks. There was so…much quality food and we all enjoyed it very much. Sharing is such a beautiful thing. My grand children aged 4.5 and 3 were the only young children and they loved being spoilt on Christmas day. I don’t have to return to work until 4th January 2016 and I am loving this moment spending quality time with my daughters and grand children.

2015 has been and nearly gone. I am very thankful for a safe, happy, healthy and productive year. We wouldn’t spent our time any other way other than how we’ve done it. Going to work daily has been the biggest part of my husband’s and my life, which is a good thing, as we have enjoyed the opportunity to earn a good living, to grow and to build our future. Every year, we have managed to go on a vacation or two, in or out of Australia. This year, Vietnam and Mornington Peninsula VIC were our highlights. Spending quality times with family and friends have been huge this year. We have enjoyed being part of our special family and friends’ mile stone birthdays. Special 50th, 60th, 70th and 80th birthdays.

The biggest family achievements this year are seeing our eldest daughter being strong, caring gracefully for her beautiful children, and having our youngest daughter completing her scholarship in Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music with Suma Cum Laude. I can’t be more proud as a mother and hope that they continue to be such beautiful individuals inside and out.

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2016.



Hello my loyal readers,

Thank you so…much for your patience. Once again, many family and work commitments have kept me so…busy so here I am again, being able to post these articles to share with you. All I can say, as long as we don’t get disappointed or frustrated when life events take you to different places for a bit of a detour sometimes, we just have to keep going, heading toward the right direction. Afterall, family is always the most important to me and writing this blog is where I find my own little quite moment, sharing my thoughts with you in a different way than when I interact with people face to face which I do a lot of with my family, friends and work colleagues.

Well…I hope you’ve all been well. As for me and my family, we are fine now but there was a period when everyone in our family caught a terrible flu & while one of us fell quite ill overseas and it shook us all for a bit, but she is recovering well now. Thanks to you all who showed concern and empathy. It meant so…much to us. I hope you keep well, as illness can really let us down.

On a more positive note, we always feel so…grateful for being able to recover well from any event that’s not so…great. That’s very important I think. Things do happen all the time in life, good or bad, but when we can recover from the not so…good ones, this means we are strong and capable, and we should be thankful to have the strength to go through the ups and downs of life.

Keep well everyone, drink a lot of pure water, eat a lot of organic fruit, vegetables and good protein, exercise regularly, maintain good attitude, smile a lot, be kind and have courage to do the things for the better of all.

Love you all. xxxx


First of all I wish to apologize for the delay in posting this article. This is the fifth thing to cherish in life. Remember?

What a subject? It’s a difficult one to talk about as we all know that we all like money and most of us spend most of our life doing things to produce money, even when we are not always fully conscious how much money we actully want and what we are doing with it.  Most people are busy on a daily basis simply just making a living, trading their hours for dollars to pay the mortgage or rent, food, fuel for the car, bills, maybe a holiday every now and then.  Others may be lucky enough to be made out of old money that their parents and/or grandparents produced faster than any ordinary workers could do.  Some might be clever enough to make money by doing certain business or investment activities that help multiply their money faster than the ordinary workers.  Some might be struggling of never having enough money to pay their basic daily needs, which is sad.

Well…, where are you sitting? What does money mean to you?

Have you heard about the result of the research completed by the Australian Bureau of Statistic many years ago but still valid today.  Here is what will happen to 100 people aged 65, who were once equal in wealth and health at age 25. 1 of them will be weahty, 5 will be financially independent, 16 still working, 24 dead and 54 on welfare.  That is a very sad statistic right? but I heard that this is still valid today apart from the numbers of ‘still working’ and ‘dead’ may be switched. No matter how we look at it, it does not look good and the Australian Government is worried about it.  That is why the Government continuously changes rules and policies of anything related to money, to make everything sustainable.

As an ordinary worker without any old money left to me or any brilliant skill to multiply my money fast, I have worked in a corporate world for 30 years and now working in my own business as a life coach as well.  Life can be rather hectic but satisfying to know that I at least have capabilities to contribute toward my family’s needs and dreams, as well as to the society and to the Government.  When I started working in Australia, I just wanted to be independent, creative and proactive in this wonderful life of mine amongst other people.  I never thought about how much money I wanted to earn, spend or save, which is not really a good thing to be.  So I just do what I do and spend the money to make things happen for us all as a family, particularly for my daughters’ future and we do like holidays.  Later on I realised that I had better start investing a little so I can have a comfortable retirement.  Little I knew, with lack of skill and knowledge about investing, I lost a lot of money and I got burnt.  You see…! Money is so…funny, NOT.  Initially, I was mad at myself and the people who took advantage of me but I had to learn to move forward and look at the future, enjoying what I have rather than worrying what I had lost. It’s hard, as I actually lost a lot of my and my husband’s hard earned money, which means going backward.

After that, I could have given up and became bitter altogether about money but I decided that it wouldn’t do me any good if I did that.  Instead, I told myself that I learned an important lesson about trust, about money and life in general.  You see…if I didn’t try, I would have probably regret it later why I didn’t do anything.  It comes back to enjoying your journey in life, not focusing too much on the destination, especially when it comes to money.  Money is good and don’t be afraid to talk about it or to acknowledge the importance of money, as long as you don’t love money more than people or other things in life.  Be careful..! The abundance or the lack of money can change a person’s behaviour quite drastically if you are not in control of your money.  Don’t let money control you, you need to control and manage money well, in order for money to do you good.

We all make mistakes and learn different things at different stages.  It’s okay if you don’t have all the money you want, as long as you don’t become bitter about money, saying negative things to push money away.  Remember, money is good for us, it’s the people who often cannot manage the lack or the abundance of money that’s the problem.

Tell yourself that you love your life and you are grateful to live with abundance, regardless whether you have $1 or $1B.  Why? Because, when you are healthy, able to breathe fresh air, eat and drink well, have a happy family, have a job, etc. you actually live with abundance.  There are billionnaires out there who may be troubled.  Just remember though, no matter what, I believe that, if you focus on making sure that you enjoy your journey in life, be creative, proactive, happy,  healthy and don’t be afraid to do things that produces money, then manage your money well, I reckon you can be in the 5% out of those 100 people, at least.

Well…I hope this has been useful for you and hope that you are out there producing and enjoying money with grace and integrity.

Love you all. xx


Let’s talk about “Time”. This is our forth ingredient in our recipe to happiness…:) or the forth item we should cherish in order to have a happy or blissful life.

How often have we heard people say that they don’t have time to do this or that? and they get frustrated or over-whelmed about things. Why do you think that is? Well…I think it’s because most people get into a habit of using their time unwisely and once time gets away from them, they realized that they hadn’t done what they wanted or needed to get done by certain time in their day, week, month, year or their entire life altogether. And then they sit there in their old age saying that they wished they had done this or that before now. Hm….interesting isn’t it? yet, this is so…common and many if not most people have not learned from it. People continue being in the same situation until it is too late.

You see…people think they can put things off and catch up in getting things done later. Little they know that later never comes and later they have more things they need or want to do. In the end, they have too many things to do or they get older and they have more and more in their list to do.

Time is not like money you know and time is not money at all. Time is actually everything you have, which is much more than money. Once your time is gone, it is simply gone. You cannot get it back. You can waste time easily but you cannot save time like you can with money. Once you waste time you can’t get it back. It’s just gone.

For this reason, please be very mindful and be wise in how you use your time. Don’t let your time go by and later think or say that you could have done this or that, once it is too late. If you waste too much time in your life, before you know it, you will be 70 years of age or older and regretting why you haven’t done certain thing in your life before that.

When I say ‘waste’, it means that you have let your time gets away from you without being used for things you love doing or things you should to do in order to achieve certain things you need or want. If you do things you love, even if it’s not necessarily producing something tangible or obvious to others, it doesn’t mean it’s wasted, as long as you don’t regret it later for not other things in your life.

If you like watching television for hours and hours each week and then later you regret for not reading, exercising, walking or doing gardening or painting for example, than you have wasted your time. If you congruently and truly believe that you have enjoyed every minute of watching television and it doesn’t bother you for not reading, exercising, etc. then you are okay.

The problem is, we human beings often want more things in life and to achieve more things we need to work toward them. So it is usually fair to say that if you spend too much time watching television in your day to day activity, as you only have the same amount of time as everyone else, you probably won’t achieve much of other things. This means that you have wasted your time.

To avoid wasting or spending time on things that do not take you toward your goals, you must set goals regularly, put in place a plan how to achieve those goals and most importantly, take action but do it step by step and achieve one small chunk of your goal at a time. Just keep doing this each day and you will be satisfied that you have done everything you possible can to achieve the best for as long as you live.

All the best and stay motivated to achieve what you want in life. You can do it..!

Take Care, 🙂