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Hi, welcome and thank you for visiting this page.


I am the author and account holder of this site. I am also the founder and proprietor of

I Can Do Life Coaching


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The picture on the right is my family and they are the most influential people in my life.


Below is about me in a nutshell.


  • I am the second daughter of 11 children to dedicated parents, a wife to a kind husband, a mum to two beautiful and talented children and simply Tenny who loves and respects life, people and nature.
  • I was born in Indonesia, married a Yorkshire man, migrated to Australia and have lived in Australia for 32 years.
  • I have worked with many people from different walks of lives for over 30 years, have traveled a lot and love to study.
  • I have obtained several qualifications including English as a Second Language, Workplace Assessment & Training, Professional Counseling, Management and Coaching.
  • Since 1980, I have always loved reading personal development books such as “The Magic of Thinking Big”, “Think and Grow Rich”, “You Were Born Rich”, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, “Being Happy” and many more. Those books are very empowering and even though many of them contain the word “Rich”, they are actually talking about internal richness not material richness. When you are internally rich though, you will always achieve more material wealth and able to utilize their wealth much more wisely to help themselves and others becoming the type of people who feel satisfied, content and abundant.
  • I love learning from everything I encounter in my life journey and often occupy myself with specific goals that I work towards on an ongoing basis. I am driven, organised and have achieved a lot of valuable goals in my life time so far.
  • My life experience and continuous education have taught me to become more tolerant, understanding and wise.
  • I understand the uniqueness of human nature, diversity and the enormous level of different perspectives and interpretations of messages among people and within life in general.
  • I believe in positive principles and am committed to help others grow.
  • My activities are usually related to assisting others in internal and external developments enjoying being part of people’s growth.
  • As my most profound experience was turning my struggle into a success in transitioning into my new environment as a migrant, I would love to help other migrants and anyone else who want to grow and move forward in achieving their goals in their new environment.
  • I have been able to keep moving forward despite a few set-backs and losses through out my life so far.
  • Whether it is about regaining your confidence and self-esteem, regaining your recognition, obtaining new qualifications and employment opportunities or simply finding yourself again as a whole person with your very own home, family, circle of friends and career or profession, or simply YOU just being the INTERNALLY HAPPY YOU, and then continue to grow and move forward to turn every part of your dream into something real and true. I would love to work through the necessary processes with you if you would allow me to work with you in your important journey to achieve your goals.
  • As I have lived in two different countries right in the middle of the most challenging diverse environments outside and in the corporate worlds from working as a Secretary in a French Oil Company ‘Total Indonesie’ in a big city of Jakarta, Indonesia to being a Clerk, Complex Assessment Officer, Compliance Officer, Workplace Trainer and Assessor, Learning Coordinator, Team Manager and Authorised Review Officer over the past 32 years, I would also love to help people within these fields to achieve their personal and professional goals through coaching.
  • I am currently working full time as an Authorised Review Officer and a Life Coach. In my spare time, I study and write personal development articles. One thing I do not forget though is celebrating my achievements and taking breaks from my everyday routines and go for my annual family holidays overseas and a lot of smaller holidays within Australia in between.
  • I also love walking, cooking, gardening, holidaying and relaxing with family and friends over a light lunch in the sun or in front of a fire.  Most of all, I enjoy enthusing others to remain happy, healthy, motivated, optimistic and positive.
  • I used to do a lot of sewing, decorating and silk painting as my hobbies. However, they are put on hold for now while busy undertaking other priorities.
  • When I was younger until the age of 23, I used to perform as a West Javanese (Sundanese) dancer and singer. I also played a couple of West Javanese instruments and used to act in a few plays.
  • My articles are based on my personal and professional experiences, development, observation and education. Therefore they are exclusive to me, just like yours would be exclusive to you, so why don’t we all share and enjoy each others’ exclusive experiences.
  • Keep following my blog and remain optimistic to do whatever you want to do and become whatever you want to become.
  • You can do it and you deserve it!

Best Wishes,
Tenny Charlesworth CPC

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Copyright © 2009 – “I Can Do Life” Coaching


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