“I Can Do Life” Coaching provides coaching servives using NLP and Hypnotherapy, specializing in:

* Changing Habits for Better Health in 1 hour:

  • Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes
  • Reach Your Ideal Weight in 60 Minutes (this requires a minimum of 30 days action plan)
  • Overcome Phobia in 60 Minutes
  • Loving Your Job in 60 Minutes

* Transitional Coaching, helping you cope with the challenges in the process of changes

* Relationship Coaching, helping you deal with relationship with anyone in any setting

Changing Habits for Better Health in 60 Minutes is the most powerful and advanced therapy using NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques. We help you how to stop bad habits and adopt new and good habits to achieve better health and more wealth.

You can turn your life around in a matter of 1 hour. Guaranteed..!

Transitional Coaching is about supporting people achieve successful outcome to get over the bridge when faced with changes, whether it is a change that you put upon yourself or a change that happens outside your control. We also provide coaching services to migrants who need guidance in adapting to the new environment and want to succeed in their new home.

Relationship Coaching is self explanatory. We help people develop healthy relationship with their partners, family members, work colleagues, boss, staff, neighbors and more.

  • Your Privacy and Confidentiality are safe with “I Can Do Life” Coaching
  • We provide one-on-one and group coaching services in private and corporate settings.
  • We provide Life Coaching Internationally in English, Indonesian and Sundanese (West Javanese).
  • We provide our services in person, via telephone, skype or e-mail.
  • We are contactable any time via e-mail, sms messaging and voice mail.
  • Our current face-to-face and telephone meeting hours are:

* 19:30 to 22:30 – Monday to Thursday, AU EST.

* 09:30 to 12:30 – Saturdays, AU EST.

  • You can choose to receive your coaching sessions in combination of the above three methods providing we agree on the arrangement before each session or program.
  • We provide face-to-face coaching at the comfort of your home or at your nominated venue within the metropolitan area of Adelaide.
  • Please contact me for your FREE complimentary session at your earliest convenience. I am looking forward to meeting with you.
  • To read more about life coaching, please refer to “What is Life Coaching” page and to experience coaching, here is my offer for 2 FREE Coaching Sessions for the first 3 clients registering in each month.
  • Please print the voucher from the“Gift Voucher” page if you have a printer at home. Otherwise just mention it when you call.
  • “I Can Do Life” Coaching provides affordable and value for money packages to ensure that we assist people in need of support.
  • I charge by the hour or monthly and my clients pay in advance. To find out more about our rates and discounts, please email me for the password to access the “rates” page.

Tenny Charlesworth CPC


Contact Details:

e >

w > you are right here now

p > 1300 733 234


Copyright © 2009 – “I Can Do Life” Coaching


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