First of all I wish to apologize for the delay in posting this article. This is the fifth thing to cherish in life. Remember?

What a subject? It’s a difficult one to talk about as we all know that we all like money and most of us spend most of our life doing things to produce money, even when we are not always fully conscious how much money we actully want and what we are doing with it.  Most people are busy on a daily basis simply just making a living, trading their hours for dollars to pay the mortgage or rent, food, fuel for the car, bills, maybe a holiday every now and then.  Others may be lucky enough to be made out of old money that their parents and/or grandparents produced faster than any ordinary workers could do.  Some might be clever enough to make money by doing certain business or investment activities that help multiply their money faster than the ordinary workers.  Some might be struggling of never having enough money to pay their basic daily needs, which is sad.

Well…, where are you sitting? What does money mean to you?

Have you heard about the result of the research completed by the Australian Bureau of Statistic many years ago but still valid today.  Here is what will happen to 100 people aged 65, who were once equal in wealth and health at age 25. 1 of them will be weahty, 5 will be financially independent, 16 still working, 24 dead and 54 on welfare.  That is a very sad statistic right? but I heard that this is still valid today apart from the numbers of ‘still working’ and ‘dead’ may be switched. No matter how we look at it, it does not look good and the Australian Government is worried about it.  That is why the Government continuously changes rules and policies of anything related to money, to make everything sustainable.

As an ordinary worker without any old money left to me or any brilliant skill to multiply my money fast, I have worked in a corporate world for 30 years and now working in my own business as a life coach as well.  Life can be rather hectic but satisfying to know that I at least have capabilities to contribute toward my family’s needs and dreams, as well as to the society and to the Government.  When I started working in Australia, I just wanted to be independent, creative and proactive in this wonderful life of mine amongst other people.  I never thought about how much money I wanted to earn, spend or save, which is not really a good thing to be.  So I just do what I do and spend the money to make things happen for us all as a family, particularly for my daughters’ future and we do like holidays.  Later on I realised that I had better start investing a little so I can have a comfortable retirement.  Little I knew, with lack of skill and knowledge about investing, I lost a lot of money and I got burnt.  You see…! Money is so…funny, NOT.  Initially, I was mad at myself and the people who took advantage of me but I had to learn to move forward and look at the future, enjoying what I have rather than worrying what I had lost. It’s hard, as I actually lost a lot of my and my husband’s hard earned money, which means going backward.

After that, I could have given up and became bitter altogether about money but I decided that it wouldn’t do me any good if I did that.  Instead, I told myself that I learned an important lesson about trust, about money and life in general.  You see…if I didn’t try, I would have probably regret it later why I didn’t do anything.  It comes back to enjoying your journey in life, not focusing too much on the destination, especially when it comes to money.  Money is good and don’t be afraid to talk about it or to acknowledge the importance of money, as long as you don’t love money more than people or other things in life.  Be careful..! The abundance or the lack of money can change a person’s behaviour quite drastically if you are not in control of your money.  Don’t let money control you, you need to control and manage money well, in order for money to do you good.

We all make mistakes and learn different things at different stages.  It’s okay if you don’t have all the money you want, as long as you don’t become bitter about money, saying negative things to push money away.  Remember, money is good for us, it’s the people who often cannot manage the lack or the abundance of money that’s the problem.

Tell yourself that you love your life and you are grateful to live with abundance, regardless whether you have $1 or $1B.  Why? Because, when you are healthy, able to breathe fresh air, eat and drink well, have a happy family, have a job, etc. you actually live with abundance.  There are billionnaires out there who may be troubled.  Just remember though, no matter what, I believe that, if you focus on making sure that you enjoy your journey in life, be creative, proactive, happy,  healthy and don’t be afraid to do things that produces money, then manage your money well, I reckon you can be in the 5% out of those 100 people, at least.

Well…I hope this has been useful for you and hope that you are out there producing and enjoying money with grace and integrity.

Love you all. xx


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