Hello my loyal readers,

Thank you so…much for your patience. Once again, many family and work commitments have kept me so…busy so here I am again, being able to post these articles to share with you. All I can say, as long as we don’t get disappointed or frustrated when life events take you to different places for a bit of a detour sometimes, we just have to keep going, heading toward the right direction. Afterall, family is always the most important to me and writing this blog is where I find my own little quite moment, sharing my thoughts with you in a different way than when I interact with people face to face which I do a lot of with my family, friends and work colleagues.

Well…I hope you’ve all been well. As for me and my family, we are fine now but there was a period when everyone in our family caught a terrible flu & while one of us fell quite ill overseas and it shook us all for a bit, but she is recovering well now. Thanks to you all who showed concern and empathy. It meant so…much to us. I hope you keep well, as illness can really let us down.

On a more positive note, we always feel so…grateful for being able to recover well from any event that’s not so…great. That’s very important I think. Things do happen all the time in life, good or bad, but when we can recover from the not so…good ones, this means we are strong and capable, and we should be thankful to have the strength to go through the ups and downs of life.

Keep well everyone, drink a lot of pure water, eat a lot of organic fruit, vegetables and good protein, exercise regularly, maintain good attitude, smile a lot, be kind and have courage to do the things for the better of all.

Love you all. xxxx


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