In my previous posts, I wrote that this is the third thing to cherish for a blissful life.

Love is in you, don’t look elsewhere. Give some of your love away and you will receive.

How often do we hear or feel it ourselves as if others around us don’t love us enough sometimes? This is a very common feeling people seem to have but in reality, we don’t feel the love we need if we don’t love ourselves first and if we don’t freely give our love to others.

Love simply does not come our way if we feel negative about others or things around us, particularly if we don’t love ourselves first. No matter how much someone tells us they love us, we won’t feel it or accept it unless we feel good, positive and confident about ourselves.

Love is a feeling you own, not a feeling others can give you.

When I say you have to love yourself first, it doesn’t mean that you should praise yourself and look down on other people. What I mean by this is to take care of yourself, to stay fit and healthy, to stay motivated and active, to feel good about life and to think positive about things and others around you. Make effort to feel and look good, smile a lot and be generous with your compliments about others. It doesn’t cost you anything. It’s free and it makes you feel good and you give others compliment. When you have the right attitude about love and life, others will love for who you are and you will be surrounded by loving and caring people. The universe will deliver and you won’t know what hits you. It’s that simple. There is nothing complicated and nothing to be resentful about love. All you need to do is concentrating in being happy and loving toward others. Make sure it’s genuine, sincere and congruent.

Take care, love yourself and love others, your life will be filled with so…much happiness…xx 🙂


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