I am talking about your value system. It is important to realize and understand what’s important to YOU. Believe in yourself, your potential and what the universe can give you. There is enough resources in this universe for everyone. It is just up to each individual to utilize their capacity and potential to seek and receive your luck gracefully and with gratitude. This kind of thing is easy said than done. Sharing articles like this is very important to help each other win in life. Based on my study, research, personal experiences and observations, I found that mind-mapping your likes and passion helps narrow down your real and true value. If you keep doing certain activities linking to specific niche in your life so far, the chance is that you have passion in that niche. If you like a certain celebrity, experts and person and ask yourself what it you love about that person, the chance is that your value system is around what that person’s expertise is. You can also ask yourself questions what makes you feel happy and motivated and what makes you feel miserable and troubled. What would know the type of people. activities and things around you that create different type of feelings and responses. Once you narrow down your answers or results from those methods, you would know what your value system is. The next thing you can do is placing or surrounding yourself around the people, activities and things that match our value system while at the same time please…be mindful of respecting others that different to you. If you do this regularly and make this into a habit. I can assure you that you will be happier everyday of your life.

Take care, live life now in full capacity, respect others and be mindful of your and other people’s safety.

Love, ICDL x


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