Remember about the 5 things to cherish? Here is the first one and I think this is the most important thing.

It is your Health.

If you want to have a successful life and career then it is important that you take care of your mind and body. A weak body and a lazy mind will never help you do productive things that can improve your way of life. Your safety and health are two important factors that you must not take for granted. Keeping your mind and body healthy seem to be such a simple thing and it is so…easy to say but guess what? some people find it actually harder that it seems and may need guidance from others. We are so…fortunate today, that there is so..much information on the internet that we can search, read and apply to help ourselves.

I know that these are really basic things but unfortunately, as much as we are well aware consciously, somehow we don’t always do these things. Why..? Because our subconscious mind is not trained to make them as our habits yet. Some of the most basic habits to develop in order to have good health are: drinking 3L of water a day, eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and legumes, sleep well and long enough, move regularly and….smile..!..:)

There are many other habits that are important to help maintain your health. How about learning and practicing ways to deal with challenges, to manage your time and money well, to maintain healthy relationships and to improve your resilience.

Being healthy is so much more than just applying a few basic physical habits. Mastering how your mind work is also very important. Learning Neuro Linguistic Programming will help you develop new good habits.

For now, just do the basic habits. As for me, I’d better get to sleep. 🙂

Take care and I will talk about time management next.


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