In my previous posts, I wrote that this is the third thing to cherish for a blissful life.

Love is in you, don’t look elsewhere. Give some of your love away and you will receive.

How often do we hear or feel it ourselves as if others around us don’t love us enough sometimes? This is a very common feeling people seem to have but in reality, we don’t feel the love we need if we don’t love ourselves first and if we don’t freely give our love to others.

Love simply does not come our way if we feel negative about others or things around us, particularly if we don’t love ourselves first. No matter how much someone tells us they love us, we won’t feel it or accept it unless we feel good, positive and confident about ourselves.

Love is a feeling you own, not a feeling others can give you.

When I say you have to love yourself first, it doesn’t mean that you should praise yourself and look down on other people. What I mean by this is to take care of yourself, to stay fit and healthy, to stay motivated and active, to feel good about life and to think positive about things and others around you. Make effort to feel and look good, smile a lot and be generous with your compliments about others. It doesn’t cost you anything. It’s free and it makes you feel good and you give others compliment. When you have the right attitude about love and life, others will love for who you are and you will be surrounded by loving and caring people. The universe will deliver and you won’t know what hits you. It’s that simple. There is nothing complicated and nothing to be resentful about love. All you need to do is concentrating in being happy and loving toward others. Make sure it’s genuine, sincere and congruent.

Take care, love yourself and love others, your life will be filled with so…much happiness…xx 🙂



I am talking about your value system. It is important to realize and understand what’s important to YOU. Believe in yourself, your potential and what the universe can give you. There is enough resources in this universe for everyone. It is just up to each individual to utilize their capacity and potential to seek and receive your luck gracefully and with gratitude. This kind of thing is easy said than done. Sharing articles like this is very important to help each other win in life. Based on my study, research, personal experiences and observations, I found that mind-mapping your likes and passion helps narrow down your real and true value. If you keep doing certain activities linking to specific niche in your life so far, the chance is that you have passion in that niche. If you like a certain celebrity, experts and person and ask yourself what it you love about that person, the chance is that your value system is around what that person’s expertise is. You can also ask yourself questions what makes you feel happy and motivated and what makes you feel miserable and troubled. What would know the type of people. activities and things around you that create different type of feelings and responses. Once you narrow down your answers or results from those methods, you would know what your value system is. The next thing you can do is placing or surrounding yourself around the people, activities and things that match our value system while at the same time please…be mindful of respecting others that different to you. If you do this regularly and make this into a habit. I can assure you that you will be happier everyday of your life.

Take care, live life now in full capacity, respect others and be mindful of your and other people’s safety.

Love, ICDL x


Remember about the 5 things to cherish? Here is the first one and I think this is the most important thing.

It is your Health.

If you want to have a successful life and career then it is important that you take care of your mind and body. A weak body and a lazy mind will never help you do productive things that can improve your way of life. Your safety and health are two important factors that you must not take for granted. Keeping your mind and body healthy seem to be such a simple thing and it is so…easy to say but guess what? some people find it actually harder that it seems and may need guidance from others. We are so…fortunate today, that there is so..much information on the internet that we can search, read and apply to help ourselves.

I know that these are really basic things but unfortunately, as much as we are well aware consciously, somehow we don’t always do these things. Why..? Because our subconscious mind is not trained to make them as our habits yet. Some of the most basic habits to develop in order to have good health are: drinking 3L of water a day, eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and legumes, sleep well and long enough, move regularly and….smile..!..:)

There are many other habits that are important to help maintain your health. How about learning and practicing ways to deal with challenges, to manage your time and money well, to maintain healthy relationships and to improve your resilience.

Being healthy is so much more than just applying a few basic physical habits. Mastering how your mind work is also very important. Learning Neuro Linguistic Programming will help you develop new good habits.

For now, just do the basic habits. As for me, I’d better get to sleep. 🙂

Take care and I will talk about time management next.

5 Things to Cherish for a Blissful Life

1. Health – Mental and Physical Heath to keep your energy up.

2. Value – Believe in yourself and the universe which gives you everything you need.

3. Love – Love is in you, don’t look elsewhere. Give some of your love away and you will receive.

4. Time – Time is not just money, it’s everything, it’s all you have. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

5. Money – Money doesn’t buy everything but it buys many things including your peace of mind if you use it properly.

I will talk about each topic in separate posts soon and will post articles more regularly.

Bye for now.

Thank You 2014 and Welcome 2015

The year 2014 went very fast for me, as I’ve had a very eventful and busy year. Being married for 30 years, being a grandmother of two and still working full time while establishing my life coaching business have certainly kept me busy. In between work and family commitments, I have studied and traveled a lot this year. What a year..? I love it..! It means that I’ve had a good life filled with love and activities, which is very satisfying kind of life for me. It feels I’ve lived my life well and fully, no spare time wasted and still smelling the roses along the way.  I am looking forward to living my life fully in 2015. xxx I hope you’ve had a great 2014 and looking forward to 2015 too.

While we express our gratitude for our good times, lets pray for those who have been unfortunate or sadly left us due to illnesses, accidents, violence or war.

Nothing to Lose Except Unwanted Weight

Nothing to Lose Except Unwanted Weight

How does this system work? A major reason is because of advanced hypnosis. The old myths and misconceptions about hypnosis have given way to proven scientifically sound applications.  Today, hypnosis is widely used in medicine, professional sports and education. Our advanced hypnosis system will give you the power to direct your mind with laser-focus to “Reach Your Ideal Weight”…guaranteed.

The program is also tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Finally, the breakthrough technologies incorporated in the “Ideal-Weight-O-Stat” and the “Fat-Furnace-Flame”, together with a tested, proven and simply unique proprietary 7 step plan makes this program unlike anything you have ever seen before.

How does hypnosis work?Our minds work on two levels – the conscious and the unconscious. We make decisions, think and act with our conscious mind. The unconscious mind controls our habits. In the relaxed state known as hypnosis we can communicate directly with your unconscious mind.  This is why it is so quick and easy to change the habits of a lifetime with hypnosis so you can “Reach Your Ideal Weight”.

Will this system work for me?Everyone with an average IQ can be successful in using this system.  And because the session is custom tailored to your individual needs, it will work for almost everyone.

How will I know if the system works?It’s easy…you simply step on the scales! At your initial consultation you will discover your personal “Ideal-Weight-O-Stat” and “Fat Furnace Flame” along with getting a tailored-made program to “Reach Your Ideal Weight” in 30 days.  At the end of that period you can see for yourself that you are at your chosen ideal weight.

Is this system safe?Completely.  This system is based on advanced hypnosis and the latest NLP techniques combined with a proven and tested 7 step program.  These are completely safe.  With hypnosis and NLP you are aware and in control at all times.  With the various elements of our unique 7 step plan, there are no “fads” or crazy regimes. Any normal person will have no difficulty following any part of the program.

How does this system help you “Reach Your Ideal Weight”?Because your reasons for not being at your ideal weight are different from anyone else’s.  The steps you need to take and the changes you need to make are unique to you.  Because we tailor the initial consultation and the 30 day program to meet your specific needs, you will “Reach Your Ideal Weight”…guaranteed!

How long does it take?Just one 60 minute session, with follow up support structures…guaranteed.