Reduce your weight by 1kg a week to reach your ideal weight and maintain it

This is a revolutionary system that works like no other diet or weight loss programs you have heard of or done before.

In order for the system to work you require action. You have everything you need to succeed without supplements and diet pills you just need to tap into your subconscious and better prepare yourself for life’s temptations. Nothing works without your action and the reason our system has a high (85-97%) success rate is because it includes very unique, advanced therapy and support to ensure your success.

The physiology rituals I am going to list below are things your conscious mind already knows, they are things you have already heard a million times and have probably done them before. The system is not limited to this list, these are the basics, the ones we *KNOW* we must do but rarely practice consistently until we achieve our desired results. The system is made up of neuro-linguistic programming, hypno-therapy techniques and daily meditation. Meditation is a must and I will help you set up your daily meditation ritual that you will continue outside of our 1 on 1 sessions.

Just as a starting point, here are the things you can remind yourself of and begin to practice and then talk to me about how you can get a special deal for the additional support to guarantee your success.

Make sure that you:

  • Sleep well for 7 to 8 hours a day;
  • Drink 3 litres of water.
  • Do not skip meals (have small portions of muesli or any other high fibre grain and fruit for breakfast, salad or cooked vegetables with protein for lunch and dinner; vegetable sticks with cottage cheese or fruit with natural yoghurt & honey in between meals);
  • Exercise for 3-4 minutes every time before your meal (eg. brisk walk, low impact aerobics, sit-ups & push ups. And additional exercise daily if you wish eg. a workout with personal trainer, running club or weekly boot camp
  • Avoid sugar, caffeine and alcohol
  • Do meditation or self-hypnotherapy daily to help your body relaxed and motivated;
  • Take good quality health supplements as our food no longer contains the amount of nutrition our body needs.
  • Eat Clean

These are simple rituals but we do not always do them, right? Why? This is because our conscious mind knows what we should do but our subconscious mind cannot do them because it has not been trained to always comply with what we know we should do. How can you manifest the things you should do into your subconscious mind. Ah…now it’s the time that you talk to me as I am committed to help you succeed.

Call me now on 1300 733 234.

Take care xx


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