Yes you can do it…!

Do you doubt yourself sometimes? or perhaps feeling intimidated by others? In fact, some people may feel depressed due to bullying. Don’t worry, it happens to many people, as long as it doesn’t happen all the time and you are willing to make changes to improve your assertiveness when dealing with certain situations or people. Anyone can learn to improve their self esteem and assertiveness to deal with difficult situations or people. You can do it..! You don’t have to feel intimidated or bullied by those who tend to put others down and act superior. You do not deserve to feel depressed, just because others decide to bully you. You have rights for respect, understanding and love. Just remember that you have to earn those values and I know you deserve it and you can do it.

I find that classy, intelligent and successful people are usually modest, graceful, loving and respectful. This is because they are secure about themselves and happy in their own skin. These people tend to be very good at giving those important values to others without expecting anything back. The reason being is because they are subconsciously certain about their position, so they don’t need external influences to make them feel confident about themselves.

If you are that kind of person also, or have become that kind of person through learning and development as well as life experiences, you are likely to attrack similar types of people and you can influence others to become like you . Once that’s achieved, stick with the type of people who can contribute toward your development to become a more confident and assertive person and maintain the positive and happy environment.

Whenever possible and as soon as you realise that you cannot influence others in a positive way, keep away from people who tend to let you down for no apparent reason. If it is not avoidable, make sure you apply your skills to deal with those people well and assertively, letting them know that you too have your rights of respect, understanding and compassion. When you do it, speak with them in a polite, professional manner, making your point and opinion clearly, intelligently and if possible, add a little humour.

Send me an email to if you need some help. I can even send you articles or reports about specific subject or answer your specific questions.

Take care, Tenny 🙂


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