Self Awareness

How much do you know about yourself? Most people think they know everything about themselves and they are good at judging others too. The reality is, most of the time, people don’t know much about themselves or others. They can only see the tip of the iceberg outward and often cannot see inward about themselves.

How can you learn to get to know you?

First, ask yourself a few questions and be honest with your answers. Are you happy in your own skin and satisfied with your circumstances? Map it out on a piece of paper. Draw a mind map or a life wheel with the first six major basic needs, for example: family, health, wealth, profession/career, friendship/love and hobby. Measure the level of satisfaction with each one of these major needs from 1-10, 10 being the most satisfactory. See where you are at and then put a plan in place how you can focus on the area that needs more attention. Most importantly, do it, following a well thought out, strategical and manageable plan to make sure that you achieve your goals. To succeed in this, you need to be honest, focused and disciplined. Look inward, learn about yourself more and avoid looking outward to judge others.

Secondly, you need to review the above regularly, maybe monthly initially and then three monthly once you are comfortable with your routine. Stick with the routine and avoid being distracted by less important things that no doubt would come to you rapidly. Again, external influences can easily distract your inner activities if you are not careful. Just remember, focusing on self-care to improve your qualities does not mean selfish, because, once you become a better person, you will become more helpful and useful for others and the universe.

All the best and take care.










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