A Dynamic Day

Hello again,

Today was a wet and windy day in Adelaide where I live, so having to go to work in the dark and wet morning and then coming home in the dark and wet night seems to be such a drag, especially when you rely on busy public transport, but guess what? everything depends on your attitude, depends on how you choose your day to be.

I could have been complaining and moaning about a day like that but I didn’t. Instead, I decided to have an early night the night before so I could get more sleep. I set my alarm a bit earlier so I could have more time in the morning before I leave home to have a better breakfast, topped with vitamins and lemon juice with honey.

I took the meat out of the freezer in the morning ready to cook when I got home, better again that I texted my husband from the train asking him if he could start cooking it before I got home. Nothing wrong in asking to share tasks on the day. 🙂

To utilise my time more wisely, I also take my ipad with me to work, so I can do my reading and writing on the go while I am on the train. I did that today and it made me feel very productive.

Tonight I had a really nice dinner that my husband cooked, time to relax while chatting a little with my loving daughter on skype and writing this article to share with you. What more do you want?

That’s my dynamic day despite the rain and the wind.

I hope you have a dynamic day everyday that you can create yourself without relying on the weather or anything/anyone else.

Coach Tenny


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