Do you think this is for you..?

Dear Friends, Customers and Readers,

First of all, I would like to thank you for spending your valuable time to read this post.

I found an incredible way to create passive income and cannot help sharing it with you.

If you have read my bio, you would know my background and able to see why I am so excited about this.

If you haven’t read my bio and would like to read it first, please go to ‘about us’ page on this blog.

As you can see, my life journey has been full on and I have enjoyed it immensely so far.

My husband and I have worked together as a team to achieve great things in our life.

We are very grateful for being part of a happy, healthy and loving family unit.

We have parents, children, our first grand child, siblings and their children who are happy, healthy, loving, respectful, trustworthy and simply beautiful. We cannot ask for more. We also have relatives and friends who are supportive.

Through hard work, we continue to achieve a comfortable life style together, including annual vacations within and or outside Australia. Our children have also enjoyed the financial support for their choice of education and career paths.

Did you notice that? ‘through hard work’. Yes, my husband and I have been working hard as full time employees for around 25 years. We have paid an enormous amount of tax over the years to do what we need to do, as we have passion to improve our life and to support our children’s future.

Recently, I discovered that, there is a better option to achieve a comfortable life style and a bright future.

You can actually build a pipeline that will generate ongoing passive income rather than having to trade your time for money all the time.  After all, everyone of us only have 24 hours a day, which means that you can only earn as much money as the amount of time you can trade in, also, you can only work as an employee for so long.  This business opportunity will allow you build a system that will produce money regardless whether you are there or not.  The ongoing passive you create is willable to your children.  Do you think that’s a better option?

Well, there is a way. You do not have to quit work yet, you can do this project while you work if you choose. You do not even need any capital apart from a tiny registration fee. There is no capital, no stock, no overhead, no inventory, just YOU working with a group of leaders who will help you build your organisation through helping other people succeed.

It is an extremely simple business concept and system, yet the income potential is phenomenal and unlimited. All you have to do is register to become an Independent Business Owner, direct your shopping to buy what you need from yourself to support your own business and then refer others to do the same as you do. You will not find any other business as simple and highly doable as this one.

The major companies supporting us to make it possible are:

Team Mak – This company provides:

  •  A mentoring process
  • A proven educational program
  • Clear steps to develop your business
  • Learning about revenue sharing
  • A recognition program for your achievements
  • An environment for personal growth
  • Access for international networks
  • Social networking with likeminded people
  • Simple goal setting method

Why don’t you visit the website:
Type your name, your guest code is ‘9040546’ and your password is ‘team’


  • A largest global professional marketing company operating in 83 countries and territories
  • 51 years history of success – still had $1 Billion (that’s Billion with a ‘B’) turn over in the month of August despite a global financial crisis that we keep hearing.
  • Employs 13,000 staff
  • 500 reseach and development staff, scientists and Quality Assurance staff
  • 65 labs worldwide plus 26 other units (including CSIRO)
  • 700 patents – some competitors have one or none

Amway Online

Artistry – in Top 5 prestige skin care and cosmetic brands

Nutriway – world’s leading brand of vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements

90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You can visit

Do some research, become knowledgeable and if you can visualise what you can do with this phenomenal opportunity, let me know and I can show how you can start and then meet the leaders in this business.

As a Life Coach and an Independent Business Owner myself, I am here to help succeed.

My motto: “I will never succeed in anything if I do not help others succeed”

There is nothing to lose but everything to gain. The only person stopping you succeed is YOU.

You are the only person who has the power to create your own fortune.

The choice is yours. I am just here to help.



Which Money Is Sweet..?

Which Money…?

  • It’s the money that you earn yourself.
  • It’s the money that you earn with integrity.
  • It’s the money that you earn with passion and enjoyment.
  • It’s the money that you earn with love and happiness.
  • It’s the money that you earn with multiple values attach to it.
  • It’s the money that you earn while helping others achieve their needs.
  • It’s the money that you earn while helping others achieve optimal and true health.
  • It’s the money that you earn while helping others achieve inner beauty.
  • It’s the money that you earn while helping others achieve financial freedom.
  • It’s the money that you earn while helping others achieve time freedom.
  • It’s the money that you earn while helping others achieve success too.
  • It’s the money that you earn while you sleep, play, holiday, rest & do the things that you love most.
  • It’s the money that you earn locally and globally, where ever you are.
  • It’s the money that you can enjoy with your love ones.

Which Money…? It’s the money that you fully deserve because of your own action, accountability and behaviour.  It’s your hard earned money and it’s the money that you can enjoy to do whatever, wherever and whenever you want.

Whatever you do though, don’t taste your money, just re-evaluate your actions and your behaviours, you will then feel how sweet your money is.

If you need assistance and guidance to achieve how you can earn sweet money but you are uncertain where to start, please don’t hesitate to contact me, so I can refer you to the best mentors and coaches I know who can help you.

To begin with, you may wish to take advantage of my offer for a FREE trial of coaching session with myself or another life coach of your preference that I can refer you to.

Think about which way is the best way to earn sweet money and which money is really sweet.

Good Luck,



I know… that you should not wait for spring to smile but let’s face it, most people do love the sun shine and it tends to make people smile more. I personally love the sun shine, it gives me more energy to get going faster with what I need to do.

Even though some people prefer cooler climate, somehow the sun shine makes most people smile. Most people love flowers, colours and brightness. So, let’s embrace the brightness of spring and take the opportunity to brighten our mind with lots of positive thinking too.

Leave behind any negative and gloomy thoughts, environment or ideas you may come across. Move forward toward the better and brighter life style and opportunities. Explore and find ways to a better life. There are so much more to life than just being the same and doing the same thing over and over.

Remember, if you want your situation to change, you must be willing to change something. Change what you do to get different results. Learn from experts that have succeeded in what they do, learn from them and follow their path.

Please be mindful too that you need to move forward, go with what’s working right now and in the future in this information age. Internet and network marketing is still on top of the list and it is still the fastest growing industry. So find ways to be part of it. There are lots of opportunities out there with very low risk but high income potential.

Find a good business and career coaches that can help you find the right path for you.

Everything happens in spring, new growth and new ideas. So, don’t get left behind.

Good Luck and let me know if you need help to connect to people who can help you.

Enjoy life..!


Do you feel financially stuck in a rut?

Do you have a huge mortgage?

Do you fight a lot with your partner because of money?

Do you have a job that you hate?

Do you feel underpaid or ripped off at work?

Do you feel as if you cannot keep up with anything anymore?

Do you feel completely fed-up?

Well…, look around, find ways and free yourself…!

You do not know where to start?

Do you have family or friends you can trust?

Can you get free guidance from them?

If not, do you have access to the computer and the Internet often?

Google and find some free advices and information from the Internet.

Better again, find a free life coaching service that you can take advantage of.

If you feel comfortable to talk to me, contact me for a free trial of a one-on-one coaching session. I can also refer you to another coach that suits you best if necessary.

Just remember that the journey to success is not a quick process. It takes time, effort and commitment.

First of all, skill up, find ways to make money, manage your time and money effectively, including investing any left over as much as you can. Be patient..!

Invest in building a pipeline that will eventually create or generate passive income where you don’t always have to be there to get paid. Leverage and multiple your time and money.

Again.., please remember that it takes time to succeed.

Let me know if you need help. I can refer you toward the right direction, people and options. I can connect you with the best people in the industry that’s working right now.

There are lots of options out there to make money and find freedom. However, you must be conscious of choosing the right vehicle to take you to where you want to be.

If you have other issues or matters that get in your way, you must first remove them. You must first grow as a person, be willing to help others and be persistent.

The right attitude goes a long way and your strength will help you through any kind of challenges along the way, no matter what. The power is in you, despite what goes on around you or at you. It’s your own internal energy that will take you to where you want to go. So, believe in yourself and persist.

Never give up..! Anything is possible and you can do it…!

Smile and good luck…!