If You Want Something to Change, Change Something.

I hope I am making myself clear with this message.

What I mean with this is that we all have some thoughts about wanting things to be a little bit or a lot different to what they are now particularly when it comes to our own situation, whether it is our health, our financial position, our relationship, our job situation or our social make up.

Well, unfortunately we are all the same, we tend to think and wish too much but are not motivated enough or willing to take action on our thoughts and taking control to change ourselves or things within our control.

Based on my own experience, unless I get out there and have enough courage to change things for me, no one is going to do it for me. Therefore, I have no choice but to make changes to my situation myself gracefully and with confidence.

I understand that it is not that simple or easy to make changes. We are all creatures of habits but we can do it gradually. Make conscious willingness to do something that is normally inconvenient. That’s just the way it is, success is an inconvenience, so making changes is not always easy. We have to get out of the little box and get out of our comfort zone.

Before we can change things around us, we have to have clear awareness about ourselves and our own behaviour. Make realisation of things that need changing and take courage to change one thing at a time gradually starting from the easiest thing.

To help make the process easier, read, research and search for appropriate and quality guidance even if you have to pay for it. It’s all worth it.

Why don’t you try, make a plan now and start taking action. You can do it…!


Coach Tenny


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