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Building Relationship

Wow…! I found an incredible relationship doctor.

I personally haven’t needed help in this area these days but when I tried to help my best friend, I did some research and came across this Professional Counselor by the name of Bob Grant.

He wrote this book called “The Women Men Adore… and Never Want to Leave”

I bought his book to give to my friend as a gift but I was naughty. I had a sneak and read through quickly before I gave it to her. I hope she is not reading this article. Never mind as I have given this book to a few people by now.
This is what Bob said:

I am so confident that you’ll be absolutely thrilled with “The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave,” that I couldn’t pry it out of your hands if I tried.  But don’t take my word for it. Get your hands on my e-book today and put it to the test for 8 weeks. Read every page and try out the tips, tactics and strategies on for size and if it’s not worth at least 10 times more than you what you paid for  — or if it hasn’t revolutionized your love life — or if you’re not 100% satisfied within 8 weeks, I’ll refund your entire purchase price. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

the "first and last of its kind” relationship book that will show you how to completely understand men once and for all – and use that understanding to create the relationship of your dreams -- not in months or years, but immediately.  That is why this is the last book on man-woman relationships that you’ll ever need to read. You’ll get everything you need right in this book to accomplish your relationship goals and completely change your life.

You’ve probably heard of bestselling books like “Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus” and “He’s Just Not That Into You.”  Unlike those books and other relationship books on the market that point to the glaring differences between men and women (“Tell me something I didn’t know!”) The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave goes a step further and teaches you how to use those differences to your utmost advantage.

When you master the principles I teach in The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave, men won’t be able to resist you, they’ll do your bidding, and will feel powerless around you.  Best of all, they’re going to love every minute of it.  Everybody wins!

Whether you want to “get out of a relationship rut,” attract the relationship you want into your life, or find fulfillment in your current relationship, I hope that for your sake, you’ll take the path to relationship success that hundreds of my clients have taken.


Wishing you the relationship of your dreams,


Bob Grant, L.P.C.

I hope you enjoy the preview and why don’t try to read the whole book.

A healthy relationship is worth the world to me and I am sure you agree with me.


Coach Tenny

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March 2011

Hi my lovely readers,

As you can see, at first I started with weekly posts this year, then posting two weeks worth in one. As time flies so fast, I decided that it will be better for me to write monthly.

Well…, although my motto is to always think positive and to talk about positive things. However, this is an exception and nothing to do with being negative. I just want to acknowledge how horrible it would be for those people affected by the horrific natural disasters this year.

I thought that the Queensland’s floods and the cyclone were bad enough, followed by the Christ Church earth quake made it worse and out of no where Japan was suddenly wiped by one of the biggest magnitute of all earth quakes ever and the tsunami. Unbelievable…!

I am kind of numb and do not know what to think anymore. I am feeling really sad for those people affected and all I can do is donate and pray for those people who are still alive to remain safe and strong. If you are reading this, let’s take a minute silent for those poor innocent people who were killed in the disasters.

It will take a long…long… time for those people to recover. Let’s not to forget to help one way or another.

On the more cheerful note, right now I am looking at the gorgeous sunset through my office’s window as I am writing this. I can also see the calm blue sea water that is quite calming to watch, unlike the humongous amount of water coming in land in a rush like what just happened in Japan. So when we are around the beautiful and calm nature, let’s enjoy, nurture and respect our surrounding and nature the best that we can. We need to treat our earth with high respect and love.

If you live in a developed country like Australia like where I am now, we are very lucky especially right now. Billions of people in the third world countries work extremelly hard for very little results. Right now, as I am writing this, my husband is watching a television program about young English people having to work in a cotton plant in Mumbai India and it is extremely interesting to watch.

The program is showing you how hard the Indian workers work on that cotton plant with very little pay while the young English people are not coping with the situation at all. I would not be able to cope with that kind of living standard either and I really feel for the poor people in the world and they are billions of them, yet there are actually some people in power who caused wars and disasters as if there not not enough natural disasters and unfortunate situations already.

I just turned my head toward the television as my husband pointed to the most horrible scene on this TV program about the dirtiest and the worst working condition of clothing factories in Mumbai India. It was absolutely horrible to see how these people live, yet, apparently those clothes end up in our shops with big brands with big price tags. I just can’t believe the existence of that. I hate it and I won’t be buying certain clotes as of now.

This is trouble with our world today. Too many greedy people who do not care enough about the poor. Anyway, I am sure we are not like that and please make sure you contribute towards the poor one way or another.

Coach Tenny