Week 6 of 2011


How are you doing…? Had a good week?

I finished work early today and spent the afternoon & evening in town with my loving hubby.

We had our usual delicious lunch in China Town, walked to the mall and Rundle St after to have coffee, banana bread and gellati. It has become our Friday afternoon’s ritual now and we thoroughly enjoy ourselves spending our quality time that way.

We didn’t plan to shop but we managed to buy ourselves a few new clothes.

The weather was a little different today. It rained quite hard this morning and was rather humid but cooled down toward the end of the day when the sun started to go down. We usually get some cool breeze as well at that time of the early evening.

Town was quite busy today, there were people everywhere. I think that the main reason for that was because of the Fringe Festival as well. This happens every second year in Adelaide with many artists and comedians coming from all over the nation and from other countries as well.

I love the atmosphere of the multicultural surrounding. Full of life and happiness. That’s what it’s all about. I just love happy, positive and motivational or inspirational environment. I am not the type to embrace negativity. I avoid negativity whenever I can. It does a lot of good for me. It keeps me young and energetic. I simply refuse to be negative. It’s just a choice or decision I make and has certainly kept me healthy and happy that way.

Try to maintain your positive and inspirational attitude whenever you can. To do this easier, read interpersonal develoopment books 15 minutes per day, listen to motivational audio or video 15 minutes per day and position yourself amoung positive, motivated and inspirational people.

You will be surprise how successful you will be with whatever you choose to do. That’s just how it is. Positive attitude gives you success.

Take care,

Love you all,

Coach Tenny





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