Week 5 of 2011

Hi again,

Well… well…well… 2011 is certainly flying… so… fast…!

January is already gone and it’s already the 10th of February, which is actually week 6 of this year. So… I owe you one. I will have to write week 6 within the next couple of days. I promise I will.

If you are or you feel fortunate at the moment, away from the natural disaster zones, it is time to be thankful and grateful.

Without being negative or focusing too much on the unfortunate situations, let’s just pray for the unfortunate people who have been affected by the disasters. Let’s be generous and help with what we can.

It is quite ironic, we have people who have been highly affected by the disasters that are completely out of our control, yet I still notice many people who are in much better positions complain a lot about life, work, circumstance, health and so on.

Isn’t that sad…?

If you would like assistance how to remain strong, motivated and positive and then use your energy to help others in need, let me know, I can help you through one on one coaching sessions, group workshops and having accesss to the best motivational audio or reading materials.

There may be a lot of negativity happening around us at the moment. However, you have the power to remain strong, faithful and true to yourself.

Hang-on to all of your qualities like your principles, belief, integrity, strength, aspiration, inspiration, motivation and positive attitude.

Having positive attitude is the best attribute that will take a long way in life. If you maintain your positive attitude, YOU WILL SUCCEED.


Take care and share your love,

Coach Tenny



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