SALE – Tenny Before and After Coaching…Ha…Ha…

O…. Sad…. Tenny… Before Coaching.

No… I am not for sale…! Especially not in this state. How embarrassing hey…!

Who wants to look like this?

Nah…. we don’t want to look sad and troubled like that..!

OK… Keep Looking…! Sale is at the bottom of this page.

Ah..Ha…! This is the Happy Tenny After Coaching of course.

Me 139.v2

  • Do you think coaching makes an outrageous difference to people’s look, health, happiness and life in general?
  • Of course it does but it is entirely up to you to take action and to commit to what you should be doing to make a difference to your own life.
  • Ask yourself if your current structure serves you well enough to get what you want and to feel how you want to feel.
  • If it is not good enough, well… , you can do something about it and I may be your perfect match to help you get there.
  • Don’t be shy…! Let me know if you feel you need a partner to support you. I am a trained partner to support people like you.
  • Normally you could pay $100 or more per hour for a private one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Just for YOU, I am only charging $50 per hour or $30 per half hour if you sign up NOW.
  • You will also receive FREE sessions and articles if you sign up for 10 – 20 coaching packages.
  • I also offer different packages that may suit you better. Please contact me to find out more about those.
  • That’s not all, if you change your mind within 30 days, I will refund 75% of your money with no question ask. The 25% will go toward administrative fee.
  • While you are thinking about it, get something for FREE.

Tenny Charlesworth CPC

Copyright © 2009 – “I Can Do Life” Coaching


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