“I Can Do Life” Coaching Model

How will your coaching experience be like when you partner with “I Can Do Life” Coaching ?

The name “I Can Do Life” Coaching is inspired by my philosophy and belief that every human being is gifted with certain potential, talent and strength to achieve their DREAM in peace if they learn how, willing to take action, remain patient and work towards it persistently.

I believe that we naturally have the power to make our own decisions and choices that serve us well in life. We just need support in bringing out that power.

“I Can Do Life” Coaching is passionate to support, guide and empower our clients in bringing out their power and utilize it to discover their potential, talent and strength to turn their DREAMS into reality.

Following the name of “I Can Do Life” Coaching, the DREAM Coaching Model was designed to support our clients in our coaching process.

Our coaching process includes:

  • Identifying their DREAM, their current perspective and structure on their current situation. At this stage of the process clients will be motivated and supported to identify and set their specific goals, short and long term realistic goals.
  • Re-framing and REFORMING towards preferred perspectives and structures that will serve them better to remove any blockages that get in their way from moving forward. At this stage of the process clients will be motivated, assisted and supported to set an action plan and time line of each step of the process.
  • Uncovering their strength, passion and accomplishments that will EMPOWER themselves ensuring that they maintain their motivation and resilience to keep looking ahead and moving forward.
  • Utilizing their courage and motivation to be able to actually take ACTION on each step of their plan, one by one with adequate breaks and nourishment in between ensuring that they enjoy their journey.
  • Maintain their motivation, strength and enjoyment to keep MOVING-FORWARD towards THEIR ULTIMATE DREAM.

That was how my Coaching Model born:Picture 080.Pt Noa.25.12.08

  • D r e a m
  • R e f o r m
  • E m p o w e r
  • A c t i o n
  • M o v e – F o r w a r d

With the above coaching model, my DREAM is to help others achieve their goals and becoming exceptional people in their own rights, turning their DREAMS into reality.

The power is within YOU and it is up to YOU to make YOUR choice and decision to utilize their own power orderly and wisely towards achieving their DREAMS.

If you feel and think that I may be able to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you wish to know more about life coaching, please refer to “What is Life Coaching?” page.


Tenny Charlesworth CPC


Contact Details:

e > tenny@icandolifecoaching.com

w > you are right here now

m > (+61) 422308614

p > +61 8 83847993


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