What does Motivation mean to YOU?

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Motivation is what keeps us going.  It is that internal energy and voices that tell us to keep moving and doing something, even as simple as getting out of bed in the morning.  We all seem to know or say we know what we should be doing in order to achieve what we want and to have a happy, healthy, content and prosperous life, but in reality, many if not most of us do not actually do what we are supposed to do or what we say we should be doing.

Motivation is one of those words that is so easy to say and so easy to talk about but not so easy to obtain or retain.  It is part of human condition to lose motivation on a regular basis, that’s if you had the motivation in the first place.  Some of us do not even have enough motivation to begin with, so we will need to learn and get into a habit of doing certain routines on a daily basis to obtain motivation. Once we have it, we will be required to keep doing those daily rituals in order to retain and maintain our motivation.

Motivation is the reason people succeed and the reason people fail. I personally believe that it is the main reason, because, unless we have this internal energy to make that first move toward any journey, nothing will ever happen and nothing will ever be accomplished.  In a race type of situation, if we never leave the starting line, we will never get to the finish line, and to get started or even to get listed to be in the race we need motivation.

Motivation is the drive someone has to complete a task.  The ingredients of motivation are combined with many factors which include simplicity, attitude, the people that we associate and hang around with, the way we think, how much we know ourselves, the way we help other people and so much more.

Motivation is the spark everyone needs to make it throughout the day to set and meet goals anywhere you are and whatever your circumstance, let alone when you hold various responsibilities such as parenting, employment, business and more.  When your circumstance is more complex you are more likely to need a lot more sparks to get you going to complete many more tasks in your day to day life.  However though, for some reason, people say that the busier a person, the more motivated that person becomes, because he or she is so used to doing things.  One question though, just because we do things, that may not necessarily mean that we are happy and enjoying the journey, which is just as important in order for the motivation to last and to find success.

Without motivation you will fail.  When you have apathy toward something you are not motivated because you couldn’t care either way.  This is the worst attitude you can have because it isn’t negative either.  Someone who feels this way isn’t capable of achieving anything because they don’t care if they do or not.  If you are feeling this way this e-book is exactly what you need to help you overcome your attitude and begin feeling motivated again.

When you know how to remain motivated with yourself you can also help others because your attitude will be contagious.  When you practice daily motivational techniques eventually they will come to you naturally.  At first some of these methods may be difficult for you to do or to remember.  It will take time for you to begin to naturally practice and follow these techniques.

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