Dare to Dream

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Dare to Dream

  • Why not..? Dare to Dream..! It’s life full of beautiful things out there and we as human beings are a big part of this life on earth, why don’t we enjoy every minute of our step and enjoy the beauty of this life of ours.
  • Dream…! dream as much and as big as you want, it doesn’t cost you anything. When you dream and dream, your subconscious mind is trained to really focus and move forward towards your goal.
  • At the same time though, train yourself to be disciplined and patient in following the process to achieve those goals that you set.
  • Don’t get side track by distractions and negative influences that will also fight to drag you back or down.
  • Build a tough glass dome over yourself and resist any negativity thrown at you. Trust me, you will always come across “pullers” who will try to drag you down from moving upward or try to distract you from succeeding.
  • People love to be part of a group and those who can’t be bothered to work hard to succeed, they tend to try to drag others towards their territory rather than being supportive of your plan to move forward, because they want to be part of you but they are not prepared to work with you towards your goal because it’s too hard and it’s not their goal.
  • We are all a little bit selfish sometimes, so the lazy and negative people always try to drag you down to their level while you try to pull them up to your level to be positive and achieve your goals. In the end, would you rather be miserable at the bottom or be successful at the top?
  • The thing is, going down to the bottom is easier than climbing up to the top, that’s why most people choose to go down because it’s easy to do but what they don’t realize is the result of being at the bottom is not as nice as being at the top. What they end up doing then, they bag those people who are at the top. They call them greedy or lucky, just to justify their position of being down at the bottom.
  • Does that sound familiar to you? I think it would. It is actually quite common that they are more negative and pessimistic people out there than successful ones, because it’s easier to not do anything and complain than striving to succeed.
  • So… don’t listen to those people who try to drag you down from succeeding. Keep dreaming and moving forward, enjoy your journey and accept that everything goes through a process and we can all achieve what we deserve if we put our mind to it.
  • Most people have difficulty recognizing, rewarding or congratulating others for their success. They bag them instead.
  • Michael Jackson has passed away now but his legacy will live forever. He was a role model to millions of fans. He was a dreamer and an achiever. He was a brilliant artist and a genius. His dream was to make the life of others better. Unfortunately too many people decided to take advantage of his vulnerability and to search for his faults instead.
  • Good Luck and remember to have vision. DREAM for your ultimate goals and work towards it but most of all, enjoy your journey, be kind to others and be patient during the process. You will arrive at your destination. Your first step to take action is the most important move. You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. Just embrace life and keep moving forward. Don’t look back, just keep going.

I know, it’s easy said than done. Your Life Coach is there to partner and work with you on how you can go through this process successfully.

  • If you are not familiar with life coaching, here is the link. To experience it, why don’t you take the opportunity of my offer to give you 2 FREE sessions to the first 3 clients registering in each month.

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