Setting Goals

  • Setting Goals is one of the most important part of the initial process to achieve what you want.
  • If you don’t set the specific goal to achieve, you won’t know your actual destination, the path to take, the skills and knowledge to obtain and the actual thing you really want to achieve.
  • Many people say that they want to be rich but without setting specific goals to achieve, they often lose focus and don’t really achieve much in the end.
  • Although having vision and dream is also a very important part of the process, our vision is usually too big and too much of such intangible thing. So you need to break them up into much smaller and more specific and realistic goals with certain time frames put in place for each goal to achieve.
  • You then need to focus on each goal working from start to finish including the planning stage and the skilling stage through out the whole process until to actually achieve each goal that you set in the beginning and then start with the next goal.
  • Every achievement goes through some kind of process. You need to be patient and diligent in each process, realizing and accepting the potential set-backs in between sometimes, and learn to build character and resilience to be able to get through each hurdles through out your journey.
  • That’s just how everything works in life. So, rather than giving up too soon or thinking that  it’s too hard to do, just set small goal at a time, be prepared to go through the process required and just relax and enjoy the journey. Be patient.
  • It’s a natural thing that we always want more in life and it’s nothing wrong to want more, it’s human nature. However, many people are not prepared to go through the process or the journey to get what they want. They are not prepared to set their goals, to plan or to focus on following the specific path to get there. Some people end up getting frustrated, giving up and resign from dreaming while others end up going through the wrong path by trying to get what they want the wrong way, taking advantage of others, doing things on other people’s expense or conducting unlawful activities. Either way, that’s not good is it? So, make sure that you hang on to your integrity and principles.
  • So.. if you want to join the pack of successful people, successful in all areas, not just becoming rich of material wealth only, then be patient, set your goals and be willing to go through the process to achieve your dream goals.
  • Michael Jackson has passed away now but his legacy will live forever. He was a role model to millions of people when it comes to striving to achieve his dreams. He must have set his his standards and his goals so…high and get results like he did.

Good Luck.



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