Beautiful Inside and Out

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I don’t know about you, I find that as soon as you turn 30 with children, time flies, we get very busy running around doing whatever we need to do to take care of our family. As a result we can get tired and it affects our health and our appearance.

In my case, I am way…. past 30, so I need even more help and attention when it comes to keeping healthy and looking good. If you can relate to this, why don’t you join me to do something about it.

As we all like to be healthy and look good, we sure have to do more than just eating what we can and exercise when we can. We actually have to make a lot more effort to take care of ourselves too, so that we can take care of our family even better.

These days eating 3 meals a day and exercising for half an hour a day is not enough anymore, because, the nutrition value in our food is not as good as it used to be. This is because of the way our food is farmed and grown, also due to the lack of nutrition in our soil.

It has also been researched that lack of nutrition over the years can cause degenerative diseases. So why don’t we try to prevent them?

This is just a start, I really recommend that you consume multi vitamin and mineral, omega 3, vitamin C and calcium supplement daily. Please also make sure that you consume the best quality nutritional supplements and continue to eat well and to exercise regularly.

Did you also know that Vitamin C is really good for your skin? Here is a copy of a fact sheet about it.  VitC.

Here are also some fact sheets about other trustworthy nutritional supplements.nutriwaySellsheetsDouble X. nutriwaySellsheetsOmega3Complex. nutriwaySellsheetsCalciumMagnesium.

Did you also know that you need to use the right skin care products to maintain healthy looking skin safely. Here are some fact sheets of one of the best products produced by one of the best companies. timeDEFIANCEsellsheets. essentialsProductInformation. pureWhiteGuide0708. artistryAnti-AgeingGuide-Peel

Let me know if you need help to get a hold of the best quality nutritional supplements and skin care products.


Coach Tenny


Week 4 of 2011

Hi again,

How has your week been? I hope it’s getting better by the day.

In the last 3 weeks or so, many people in the top region of Australia have been very busy recovering from the flood disaster and they are still busy cleaning up now while the rest of the country busy helping with whatever we can do.

The government is very busy processing the emergency payments to make sure that the people affected can recover faster although those who have lost love ones may never recover other than material recovery.

For that reason let’s pray for them sending our wishes for their resilience, strengths and faith.

Let’s help as much as we can and give generously.

While that’s happening, please do not forget to maintain your own health and well being to ensure that we can stay strong so we can continue helping those in need of help.

Life is short and anything can happen to any of us, so let’s make the most of e eery minute we have. Look after yourself and be kind to others.

The weather is really nice in Adelaide, lovely mild summer. Going for a walk in the fresh air by the beach or the trees is always nice. Eat sensibly and exercise regularly.

Having healthy life style is the best and easiest thing we can do to maintain our resilience and strength.

While I would have loved posting more articles today, I thought I had better get my walk on the sun first to get my vitamin D and my exercise.

Catch you later,

Coach Tenny

Good health means everything to me, what does it mean to you?

Hi everyone,

It is amazing what difference it makes when you have your health.

I personally have always been healthy and active. However, recently was hit by a bad viral infection, that’s all, it wasn’t even a serious illness like cancer or anything, yet it really dibilitates me for a few days with bad cough for weeks making me feel conscious being around people and really slowed me down.

Being healthy makes me feel very happy and I like learning from others how to take care of my health. Let me know if you have some great ideas to share with me and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need information from me too.

Here is a good website I discovered that may be useful for you too: