Week 4 of 2011

Hi again,

How has your week been? I hope it’s getting better by the day.

In the last 3 weeks or so, many people in the top region of Australia have been very busy recovering from the flood disaster and they are still busy cleaning up now while the rest of the country busy helping with whatever we can do.

The government is very busy processing the emergency payments to make sure that the people affected can recover faster although those who have lost love ones may never recover other than material recovery.

For that reason let’s pray for them sending our wishes for their resilience, strengths and faith.

Let’s help as much as we can and give generously.

While that’s happening, please do not forget to maintain your own health and well being to ensure that we can stay strong so we can continue helping those in need of help.

Life is short and anything can happen to any of us, so let’s make the most of e eery minute we have. Look after yourself and be kind to others.

The weather is really nice in Adelaide, lovely mild summer. Going for a walk in the fresh air by the beach or the trees is always nice. Eat sensibly and exercise regularly.

Having healthy life style is the best and easiest thing we can do to maintain our resilience and strength.

While I would have loved posting more articles today, I thought I had better get my walk on the sun first to get my vitamin D and my exercise.

Catch you later,

Coach Tenny


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