Coaching – Communication – Identification of Your Dream and Potential

Please bear in mind that coaching is more about brain-storming, questioning from the coach and empowerment for you to finally find the right answers, meeting your personal needs. Technically, the only right answers for you is your own answers that suit you best as a result of your exploration, analysation, brain storming and discussion with your coach. Your coach would ask you questions to empower you in becoming more aware and clear of your goals and your strategies.

There is never the right answers that other people can give you, as you are the only one who knows exactly what you want, where you are at and where you want to go?

To identify your dream, my  suggestion is to sit down and do a mind mapping exercise of your personal goals, something that you really would love to have and do in an ideal world, or if time,  money, culture or religion is no object. This will help you identify your goals or dreams.

To discover your potential, explore and do another mind mapping about the things that you have done best at without much effort in achieving results. That will give you an idea or identification of your potential, what you are really good at. And then think if this is something you love as well. If that’s the case, you would be sure what your potential is.

By identifying your dream and your potential, you can hopefully pin point if most of the things you love doing and you are good at match what you are doing now for a job, hobby or business. If that’s the case, perfect..! If not, maybe it is time to explore and make a change to do something that suits your dream and potential, so that you can be more satisfied with your life.

I hope that helps you.

To conduct an information interview, the main theory is making sure that you ask open questions related to whatever information you need or want to know. Open questions are questions that require the person to give details in answering your questions. An open question is not a leading question or a close question that only require short answers or a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

What to say to a CEO, it depends what industry the CEO is of and depends what result you expect from that CEO. My suggestion is to do your research about the industry and to get to know the CEO’s agenda by reading up on his/her strategical future/direction. If you want the CEO to be impressed by you, I would say how much you like his/her plans and that you are supportive of it and want to be part of the project.

I hope that helps. Here is something I found that may help you. This book is about answering job interviews but you can reverse it by using those questions. Enjoy.

All the best,


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