An amazing gift of a new life

Hello… great readers,

Kimora Sania Tucker


You may have noticed that I have not posted any new article for a few weeks, at least 2 weeks.

Well…., I think I have a very good excuse and reason for having a break from the computer for 2 weeks.

My first grand daughter was born on 4 April 2011. Her name is Kimora Sania Tucker and she is the most beautiful baby to me. I am allowed to be so… bias in this case. Refer to my post on my facebook about the meaning of Kimora’s name.

I had such a magical feeling when I saw Kimora being born and that feeling has stayed with me since, and likely to stay forever. It just added an extra boost of positive and beautiful moment to my already blessed life of having a wonderful family. Nothing can beat having a good family with healthy and happy relationship. It’s just the most precious thing to have in life, for me anyway. I just love my family more than I love myself.

Sorry that it is only a short topic this time as I should get some sleep.

Best Regards,

Coach Tenny



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