Freedom is such a profound word.  Everyone dreams of having freedom in life.  I’d say that freedom is worth more than anything to most people, yet most people may not have realised that missing the simple things we take for granted may be the reason why we lose a sense of freedom.

I have a little story to tell a long this line.  Recently, I went overseas to a developing country for a holiday for a few weeks.  It was a highly populated and poluted country that is rich in culture, natural resources, food and people’s friendliness.  Unfortunately, the tap water is not drinkable there.

What does that mean to me who was so used to having drinkable tap water that can be used for everything including drinking it of course?  It was extremely difficult.  I had to use bottled or boiled water to drink, brush my teeth, wash plates and cutleries, wash fruit and salad, which means that it was always risky for me to eat at restaurants and cafes, let alone local street side food stalls.  However, when you travel a lot, you tend to buy ready to eat food when you are hungry or when it’s meal time.  It’s even more important for me, as I love being adventurous with food.

I thought I was being careful making sure that I did not eat or drink anything that was likely to cause any health problem but guess what? I always have a stomach bug whenever I go to these beautiful places which is a little annoying.

When I returned to my home town in Australia where we have so much fresh air and tap water that is drinkable, I really could not believe the level of freedom I regained, simply for being able to brush my teeth and wash my mouth without thinking that I may catch some dangerous bacteria from having a drop of water landed on my lip by accident.  That feeling of freedom simply just because of water was a phenomenal feeling.  Unbelievable..!  That is something huge for me and I will never take Australian tap water for granted ever again.

I hope you enjoy this article and I hope you enjoy Adelaide’s tap water like I do.

Kind Regards,

Tenny Charlesworth CPC


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  1. This is a test only.

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