Are you a complainer or part of the solution?

Hi there,

You probably agree with me that from time to time we all experience moments when we feel a little frustrated about something that may affect our lives.

Some of us will come across something that we are not happy with and decides to do something about it to make it better, and then turn it into something good, positive or enjoyable. That is an action taker and an achiever. I personally like that type of character and I think those people are role models to others around them.

On the other hand, there are people who complain a lot about everything that is unfavourable to them but they do nothing about it, because, they know that they have to work and put effort to change something.

You may think that those people are lazy people. The funny thing is that I know people who do that, i.e. complains and does nothing about it, and guess what? they are actually not lazy people. They are actually hard workers and dedicated doers. Then why?

Do you think they are just simply complainers because they have such negative minds? Maybe but maybe not.

Well, how about trying to help motivate or educate them. Some people complain a lot without taking action to change something, as they may lack capability to know how to visualise results, how to set goals,  how to plan and how to start doing one small job at a time to achieve their main goal that will change things into what they want.

Once you get used to doing that process and staying calm during the process, you will always achieve your goals, change things to make it better for you and you will complain less. Be part of the solutions instead of being a complainer.

All the best,

Coach Tenny