Kindness goes a long way…

I am sure those who are reading this right now are well enough and capable enough to be reading and I am sure you are grateful for that.

If you would, let’s take a minute to pray and pay respect to those good innocent people who got killed for no reason other than an act of hatred. That makes me feel extremely sad and puzzled, asking myself why we can’t all be respectful and kind to each other, so we can have peaceful and safe life, as we all deserve that, no matter who we are. How hard is it?

For some, being respectul and kind may be hard, why? who knows? Maybe they haven’t been taught how or maybe they’ve had such hard life themselves and have become angry. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t make sense to me, why one needs to hurt another. That is just so…odd, when we are all just humble human beings who were born to live on this abundant planet earth, if only we can all take care of it and of each other.

Let’s learn how to be first of all kind to ourselves, so we can be happy and satisfied with our own life. Secondly, think how we feel when we receive kindness from others. We feel good, right? Thirdly, invest in an act of kindness for others daily, make it a habit and enjoy the journey of making someone smile everyday.

Being kind to self is simply making time and effort to get enough sleep, fuel, exercise and relaxation. I know…, it’s easy said than done. Like me, I should be asleep right now but I can’t help sharing my thoughts about this, so I will finish this first and then go to bed soon, after I drink some more water.

I don’t know about you but when I smile, I feel good and I am sure it makes the other person that I smile to, good as well. To me, that’s a very easy habit of kindness. Don’t you think? Try it and make it your habit.

Another one that’s easy to do is sharing a little bit of food with others around you. How about cooking hearty food for your family and sharing a block or a box of chocolate with your friends. That’ll make them smile.

My husband often bring a flower from the garden after he does the gardening and I would bring out a cup of coffee and a piece of cake in his break. That’s easy, yet, it makes us both smile.

If you have children or grandchildren, spend quality times with them. They love helping you making pastry in the kitchen on the weekend. That way everyone will benefit of eating a nice pie for dinner. That’ll certainly make everyone in the house smile.

There are endless easy and inexpensive activities we can do to be kind to self and others daily. Most importantly, enjoy the journey and smile.

Take care,