“I recommend Tenny to anyone who wants to find new direction in their life or their work or both. Tenny is one of the most dedicated coaches I have ever worked with. Tenny provides a safe environment for coaching as she coaches you to set good, achievable goals. Her level of care and concern for her clients and everyone around her is testimony of her true abilities as a coach and as a manager of people. Thanks Tenny… Brian McCarthy” June 11, 2010

Brian McCarthy

“Tenny is a pleasure to work with. She helped me already getting over several hurdles with my business plan. By simple and clear questions, she guides you to what you need to not just get “it” done but to get “it” (whatever it is for you) accomplished! She is very easy to talk to and bring immense value to her clients. I feel privileged that I am her client! I WILL recommend her to anybody wanting help with their business!!! Looking forward to our next session, Tenny!”
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative”

Claudia Baier

“I am really happy for you to take coaching very seriously, as I feel that your life experience, your strength and your ability to inspire and empower people are your best attributes. You have certainly helped and inspired me a lot. You are a great coach.”


“It’s been great for me to have you as my coach, I am actually taking action on the things that I’ve always wanted to do for a long time. You’ve helped me keep moving forward to achieve the things I want to achieve in my life. I feel much better about myself as I am actually achieving my goals for real. Because I feel good, I am a better person to others too. So, Thank You”


  • If you are not familiar with life coaching, please read the “What is Life Coaching” page and here is your best opportunity to take my offer to 2 FREE Coaching Sessions for the first 3 clients registering in each month.


  • “I Can Do Life” provides affordable and value for money packages to ensure that we assist people in need of support. To find out more about our rates, please email me for the password to access the “rates” page.

Tenny Charlesworth CPC

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