Welcome to I Can Do Life Coaching

  • I Can Do Life Coaching is a professional coaching provider and business owner that will partner with you in a safe environment to support, empower, listen, assist and benefit YOU without judgment in discovering your values and potentials to turn your dreams into reality.
  • We can help YOU develop a Can Do Attitude, building motivation that will turn YOU into the type of person that is unstoppable with grace while having a life style most people can only dream of.
  • We are all responsible for our own lives and I Can Do Life Coaching will assist you to bring out your strengths to manage and take action on YOUR responsibilities turning every small opportunity into something significant and phenomenal.


  • Our focus is on YOU and we are your constructive partner that will support you all the way without judgment but with powerful conviction to help you take action in your journey to create your own most beautiful future.
  • You are the boss and you know exactly what your values and your goals are. We are right here to help you remove the stones that may get in your way, so you can have a smooth and enjoyable journey to get to your destination.
  • We can help you to have smooth transition in managing and coping with the rapid changes in the new millenniums, including overcoming challenges related to natural influences, cultural differences, workplace demands, human relationships and life in general.
  • We will work with you through-out your journey so you can live your life in full with exceptional accomplishments and no regret in the end.
  • We have the tools, skills and techniques to turn your mindset into the one you have always dreamed of that will then turn YOU into an exceptional person who can achieve the most enjoyable life journey and goals that you would never thought you could achieve.
  • Our motto is to always strive for excellence. To give you an opportunity to explore, we are honored to offer you a FREE complimentary session so we can get to know each other and you can make informed decision before making long term commitment to partner with us.
  • To learn more about life coaching, please read the “What is Life Coaching” page and here is your best opportunity to experience coaching by taking my offer for 2 FREE Coaching Sessions for the first 3 clients registering in that month.
  • To take this offer, all you have to do is just mention about this website when you call for your appointment.  You can also share this good news with your friends by asking them to mention your name when they call me to take advantage of this offer. You will then receive 1 extra FREE session.
  • If you wish, you can also print the voucher and give them away to your family, friends or clients.  Here is the link “Gift Voucher”.


  • I Can Do Life Coaching provides affordable and value for money packages to ensure that we assist people in need of support. To find out more about our rates, please email me for the password to access the “rates” page OR simply call me for discussion and negotiation to find the right package that suits your needs.
  • Exceptional people are those who understand the steps to succeed and have the courage to take action on the first step. So take action and find the right guidance right here. Subscribe today while it’s FREE.

FREE Coaching for a month (2 sessions)


    Contact Details:

    e > tenny@icandolifecoaching.com

    w > (yes that’s right, you are right here)

    s > tenny.charlesworth

    p > 1300 733 234



    Tenny Charlesworth CPC

    Copyright © 2009 – “I Can Do Life” Coaching



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