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  • I Can Do Life Coaching is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Thanks to the new technology that has enabled us to network and provide our service globally.
  • I Can Do Life Coaching was born filled with passion and faith in YOU as our potential creative partners to design the future of your dreams.
  • We believe in you and we believe that the sky is the limit. We know that every one of you is capable to succeed in your choice of field and working as a team, we can achieve more. (TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More).
  • We focus and pride ourselves in providing high level of service to help YOU achieve your goals. You are the one who knows exactly what your values are and exactly what you want. We work in partnership to help you uncover your TRUE dreams and turn them into something real that you can touch, feel and taste.
  • We all know that everyone of us has potentials to be whatever we want to be and to do whatever we want to do. It’s just that we don’t always know where to start and how to take action with each step of the process. Most of us get lost in the tapestry of life full of surprises, events and incidents.
  • I Can Do Life Coaching will work with you to uncover the unpolished diamond shining inside YOU and start polishing it and cutting it into a bright piece of diamond with brilliant cut and high clarity.
  • Yes, sometimes it’s easy said than done, that is why we have Life Coaches to help us go through our journey to achieve our goals including having good health, well being and a life full of contentment.
  • I understand and have experienced life full of challenges in transitioning into new environments and new relationships, managing and coping with rapid changes, workplace demands and conflicting priorities as well as solving cultural misunderstandings. So, if these challenges are familiar to you, we are honored to be part of your team to remove those hurdles so you can move forward and live with more satisfaction. I have lived the life of my expertise.
  • This website/blog provides brief information about myself, my coaching service and other short articles that may be of interest to you while giving you opportunities to share your comments and ideas.
  • If you wish to get to know me better, here is the link to my Bio.

Tenny Charlesworth CPC


Contact Details:

e > tenny@icandolifecoaching.com

w > you are right here now

p > 1300 733 234


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