What does love mean to you..?

‘LOVE’ is such a strong word and used a lot in different context all the time. Many people talk and think about it a lot, even when they don’t feel loved or are not able to give it due to challenging circumstances they may be facing at that time.

I believe that love comes to you a lot when you are able to give it to others first, just like anything, giving usually comes first before you receive.

Love is a deep attraction one has for another person, a pet or an object because of the other party’s appearance, behaviour, personality, character, etc. most of the time, although there is unconditional love as a result of certain relationships or connections, often between family members, special friends and/or between people and their pets.

Let’s talk about love between individuals. When two people love each other, they touch each other’s soul. There is something deeply in common and meaningful for each other.

I believe that, if two people trully love each other, they should be honest with and trust each other, respect each other, care for each other’s well being and welfare, not only because of their physical attractions, but what should come first though?

What really facinates me, for some reason, I notice that when two people end-up together, they usually start from having physical attractions first but may not have the same reasons why they decide to stick together for a long time. Why is that? Many reasons of course. It could be because of cultural, religous and/or social pressures. Or perhaps they just decide to settle as it is the easiest or the most convenient life style to have.

If two people feel deeply in-love with each other for the same reasons, that would be such a blessing, don’t you think? If this is you, cherish that, as it doesn’t happen to everyone.

One may say, the problem is, we don’t know how exactly the other person feels about you and for what reason they say they love you. Do you trust the words you receive and/or the behaviours you see? You wouldn’t know unless you trust the person. So trust may be the most important foundation when you decide to develop a loving relationship. Hangon, one may say, what if you are not physically attracted to the person? So… is being physically attracted more important then? So it goes on like this. Before you know it, you are already involved with a person whom you were physically attracted to but the person is not trustworthy. What do you do then? Often people decide to break up the relationship and start all over again, which is usually harder to establish a second or third long term relationship, as you become more cautious as to whether you should trust the next person or not. Guess what usually happens from here? you then start looking for someone you can trust even without having the physical attraction you want. After a while, the relationship becomes stale and boring then. So what happens then? Who knows? Different people decide to do different things. Strong people would talk about it and find ways to spark their love again and again so they can have a reasonably happy relationship forever with everythng going just nicely. The reason I say reasonably happy, it’s because the level of physical attraction was never high enough in the first place but they were sensible people who chose a trustworthy partner before they worry too much about their physical attraction. What about money? one may ask. Well…, that may have a similar effect as the physical attraction, although money can be more powerful which may be harmful, depends on the owner. So it comes back to the person’s good personality.

My friends, I will post more articles later and talk more about this thing called ‘love’ that we all like to have.

Finally, I think ‘love’ is a sincere and deep attraction, trust, respect and care between two people.

For now, remember to express your feelings of love openly, honestly and congruently. Basically tell him/her that you love them. If you are too shy or are not open about your feelings of love for someone who may feel the same about you, you both may miss-out on spending your life together. Also remember not to use this word ‘love’ willy nilly. Only say it when you really mean it, when you feel that sincere and deep attraction, trust, respect and care for the person.

That’s all for now. Take care.