There Are Times …..

There are times when you feel absolutely blessed, because you are feeling healthy, content, having your family being well and happy around you, having a secure job, comfortable enough home, good friends, the sun is shining and eating and drinking delicious food and beverage.

What do you do when you feel that way? Do you actually indulge in your blessing, abuse the opportunity, look down on other people, show off or simply just party and forgetting everyone and everything? OR Do you actually reflect, appreciate, feel grateful, think of others, stay being modest or humble and start giving and helping the needy?

Think where you are at with your circumstances. If you feel blessed because everything goes well for you, find a quiet place and start reflecting how you got there. Even if you have always been in that position, think about what happen when you sometimes experience the down side in your life so far.

Think about people you have passed to that point, places you have been to, things you have done and achieved, and everything that has helped or supported you along the way. Be nice and remain humble, treat yourself and others with a lot of respect and dignity, help when you can through giving, volunteering or even by just giving people a lovely gesture with a sweet smile or speaking to them with a sweet tone and smile. There are so many ways in making others happy to show your gratitude.

If you feel on the down side at the moment and feel sorry for yourself because nothing seems to go right, do the same thing by finding a quiet place and start reflecting how you got to that position and if you seem to have been in that position for a long time.

First of all, stay calm, help yourself by doing a relaxation exercise, meditation, going for a walk, drink chamomile tea, get some extra sleep if you can, read your favourite books, listen to your favourite music or watch your favourite movies. You need to be in the right position first yourself before you can help others.

Make sure that you stay fit and healthy first. You can then move on to making your employment and financial position better. Once you become more stable, you can start saving and once you build a reasonable amount of saving or excess money, start thinking about how you can use that to build wealth, and keep moving forward.

Developing a good life style and becoming wealthy is not simple but everyone can do it if you put your mind to it. Most people need a life coach to help them focus. So, if you feel that you need a life coach, let me know. I can help you with this, including referring you to the right coach that suit you best.

Take care and keep smiling,

(c) Coach Tenny CPC.


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