You Can Do It ~~~

My Dear Friends,

I know… it’s been a while. Like you…, I’ve been very busy with life and continuous personal development.

I’ve had to focus so… much on some really deep and meaningful family and personal needs that are different from the usual everyday activities or events.

I hope you’ve all been well, happy and able to focus on what’s important to YOU in your life.

I hope you’ve achieved your goals so far and that you’ve enjoyed your journey. If you haven’t achieved them as you hoped for, it’s okay. Embrace what you receive.

I also hope that you’ve achieved all types of goals other than just those material goals, particularly anything to do with your own spiritual needs that you know deeply but no one else would understand.  Only YOU.  Please believe in whatever that is and believe in yourself.  Even if it’s to do with your feelings, believe it’s real…! The only difference is that you or others cannot physically touch or see it but you know it’s there, real DEEP… in your heart…! right…? Because YOU are the only one who can feel it.  The only trouble is, if that need has some dependency on others’ cooperation, acceptance or even willingness to trade with you…, this is when it is highly challenging and many people finish with disappointment rather than achievement.  I trust that you won’t be disappointed as I am confident that you know how to deal with those challenges you may encounter and you know how to control your own feelings so you can come out fine.

Whatever you feel is real and you are allowed to embrace it without allowing others, cultural or religious influence to force you to deny it.  We are humans and we have feelings that’s given to us by the Creator.  Some of us are more emotional while others may not be.  We are allowed to accept and embrace our feelings, just be aware that you may not be able to bring others into your zone for whatever reason and that’s okay, providing that you’re okay with it.  The best way is to just embrace and accept whatever you’re given, as you cannot control others but can always work on controlling your own feelings.

YES…, I hear you…, it’s not easy and often it hurts but please be patient with yourself and whoever that’s involved in your journey.  If it’s that easy, everyone would be jumping with joy all the time with everything they want but you and I know better than that.  That’s not the case…, right…? Just remember that valuable things don’t come easy.  Hard work and physical, mental and spiritual efforts are required, whilst going through obstacles and rocky journey with a few step backs along the way, right…?  That’s okay.  Just keep getting up and move forward with gratitude, accepting what you’re given, no matter how much less than what you expect.

Just remember, GOOD things don’t come easy, never…!  So of course we need to be courageous, resilient and perseverant to achieve valuable things.

Also remember, we have to remain graceful and humble, as after all, we are only human beings.  We don’t have all the Powers, only the willingness and the motivation to learn, to improve and to keep moving forward enjoying this journey so called LIFE.  All The Best.

Your Coach, Tenny 🙂